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Last week before the reveal - ORC week 7

Can you guys believe it's last week till the final reveal ?! To be honest, this week has been A LOT of work. We put so many finishing touches on all parts of the project and what's most important built the cabinets that will go next to the fireplace.

All the things we got done for ORC week 7 :

1. We mounted the absolutely stunning door handles that Emtek sent us for our entrance door.

James mounting Emtek Lausanne Entryway Handle

2. We built 2 oak cabinets that will go next to the fireplace. We were able to finish building it this week and next week we will work on finishing and styling them. I will be writing a how-to blog post later this week.

3. I ordered a bunch of different decor items to style. We were very lucky to receive a beautiful rug from Loloi and wicker shade floor lamp from Mitzi. I can't wait to show you how both pieces made the space come together.

So many finishing touches left but we are trying our best to be ready for the final reveal.




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