DIY Ottoman - Frame

Can you believe it's already week 6 of one room challenge ?! In last few weeks we got some big and small projects done. We finished the fireplace, painted the room, worked on the entrance door, got our couch delivered, and changed all the door and window casings.

Since building our dining room bench, I have been craving to build some type of bench or ottoman. I love everything that Amber Interiors creates, however, I also love expressing my creative side and creating my own designs. When I was putting together the mood board for the living room makeover, I found this ottoman on her online store that I fell in love with. I think it just has a perfect balance of simplicity and uniqueness. However, as much as I love it, my budget will never allow me to buy items like this. In addition, I wanted to add a little bit of myself to it, so DIY was the way to go.

I thought a little bit and drafted my plan, made some measurements got started on building.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how I built the ottoman base (I will be writing a separate post for the DIY cover).

  1. // Step 1: Cut the Wood For the Frame //

  2. // Step 2: Drill Pocket Holes //

  3. // Step 3: Join All the Pieces Together //

  4. // Step 4: Add Plywood to the Center //

  5. // Step 5: Upholster the frame //

  6. // Step 6: Prep Legs - if needed //

  7. // Step 7: Mount the Legs //

  8. // Materials Used

  9. // Tools Used


// Step 1: Cut the Wood And Plywood For the Frame //

After measuring everything out, I decided to make an ottoman frame 32" wide and 42" long. I got 4, 1 x 4 pieces of pine, measured the amount I needed, marked, and cut it to the size using the circular saw. You can do this basically with any saw there is. I just had a circular one in the closest proximity at that point.

// Step 2: Drill Pocket Holes //

After I had all 4 pieces of wood cut, it was time to join them together. To join the wood, I decided to use pocket holes for which, I used my beloved Kreg Jig (it is an absolute