DIY Plaster Fireplace

Updated: Oct 31

I can happily announce that we are done building the fireplace! The fireplace was the largest and most complicated part of our living room makeover and having it crossed out of the checklist feels truly amazing.

It actually took me a few months to settle on the final design for this fireplace, I had tons of different ideas. Some of them were very extravagant and some of them were pretty simple. As I've talked about before in my previous blog posts, our current house is not our forever home and neither is a high-end luxury house so every time I make renovation and design choices, I take all previously mentioned factors into the consideration. Basically speaking, I imagine the average next owner and make decisions based on that. Considering all the factors, we settled on the plastered fireplace with a brownish brick inside. As for the insert, instead of putting a standard electric fireplace insert, we decided to go with the electric log insert to give it more character.

Here is a step-by-step guide to how we built it.


Table of Content:

// Step 1: Fireplace Plan and Design

// Step 2: Build the Bottom Frame

// Step 3: Build the Top Frame

// Step 4: Add the Mantel

// Step 5: Build the firebox

// Step 6: Add Brick To the Firebox

// Step 7: Add Drywall

// Step 8: Add Corner Bead Tape

// Step 9: Tape and Add Joint Compound

// Step 10: Prime

// Step 11: Plaster

// Step 12: Install the Fireplace Insert

Materials Used

Tools Used


// Fireplace Term Glossary //

As I started writing this post, I realized that I don't know the terminology of the fireplace parts. So, after little research, I created a little fireplace glossary for reference.

// Fireplace Insert Plan //