Living Room Makeover Plans & Mood-board

It's my 3rd time participating in ORC. For the first challenge, we remodeled my home office and for the second one, we built a deck in our backyard. Unfortunately, the supply chain problems due to the Covid didn't give us the ability to have a fully furnished and styled reveal, but we still loved the experience. This time around we will be working on our living room which has been on our to-do list FOREVER!

Since we finished the kitchen project, I have been itching to redo our living room. The main floor in our house is a semi-open plan, the kitchen has an opening going straight to the living room and every single time I look through the entryway all I can think of is how I want the space to be as cozy and inviting as our kitchen. Finally, we will be redoing the space for this year's fall ORC challenge.

One Room Challenge - Week 1

// Moodboard //

One Room Challenge Week 1 - Living Room Moodboard
One Room Challenge Week 1 - Living Room Moodboard

// Living Room - Now //

Our living room before renovation
Our Living Room - Now

Since buying this house, this living room has been through multiple renovations. We tore out the carpet, redid the flooring, painted the walls, etc. Basically speaking, the base-level renovation has been done to this room. However, it still doesn't feel cozy, styled, and welcoming.

Through the years my style has changed a lot, it took me some time to figure out what I liked, what I wanted, and what I can live with. I got to the point, where I just see what this room should look like and it's finally the time to bring my vision to life.

// Starting From the Blank Page //

The first thing on the list is to clear everything out, I will be getting rid of the beloved Cloud Couch, which made our friends very sad, but I literally can't keep up with the upkeep of it and it's too oversized for the space. The painting will move to my husband's office (which through the years has become my ultimate - I'm not sure if I want to get rid of it yet storage space), and the rug is just going to the trash. The only items that we will be keeping are the fur chair, ottoman, and TV. I got both the armchair and ottomans for this project about a month ago.

// The Plan //

Once the room is fully cleared out here is the plan:

  1. Change the window casing

  2. Trim out the entryway door, paint it and add Emtek brass hardware.

  3. Build the plaster fireplace

  4. Prime/paint everything in Simply White by Benjamin Moore

  5. Add beams

  6. Swap recessed lights with brass spotlights