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Backyard Plans

The backyard makeover project started last year when we built the deck. The deck turned out beautiful and it enhanced the space. However, I wanted to fully utilize the yard and create a few smaller spaces.

Modern backyard deck with wooden pergola and solar pendants
Backyard Deck

Owning a pool has always been my dream. However, the fact that we currently own a starter house and the price of an actual pool would equal about half of the price of the entire house, it doesn't make sense to make such an investment.

To make my "pool" dream come true, I have been looking at above-ground pool options all year. Above-ground pools are cheap and low maintenance so it's perfect for people who have budget restrictions and are not looking for long term investment. However, the downside is they are not visually appealing; Who would want a huge plastic thingy standing in the middle of the yard ?! However, In the middle of my decision-making process, Amazon was having a prime day sale, and some of the above-ground pools were part of a deal. My pool-obsessed self didn't think much and ordered one, right away.

Of course, I couldn't just buy the pool, put it up and enjoy it... I decided to use this opportunity and fully finish my backyard transformation. So below are my transformation plans.

// Backyard Transformation Plan

This time around we will be adding 2 spaces to the backyard. One will be a pool area, right next to the deck and another one will be a fire-pit area, at the end of the yard, next to the garage.

Currently, Backyard looks like this:

Backyard layout
Current Backyard Layout (very rough draft...)

New Layout

Backyard Transformation Plan

// The Pool Area

Before the pool was delivered, I already had a plan of how to solve the "ugly plastic" problem, I decided to enclose it with a wooden frame.

The pool is going to be "attached" to the deck, so I wanted to use either the composite decking material and extend it around the pool or create some contrast and use the stained wood that we used for the pergola. We went through some numbers and decided to go with the wood option. I think having contrasting colors and the natural texture will give me a more organic look.

Next to the pool, to create the pool lounge area, we are going to edge off part of the driveway and add a strip of pea gravel. On the gravel, we are going to place 2 lounge chairs, an umbrella, and the side table.

// The Firepit Area

By the garage, we have a 10x10 concrete slab that came with the house. Before we built a deck that little area was our outdoor hangout spot, where we would grill, have a small firepit and hang out with our friends. However, since building the deck that area became useless and just houses an old firepit and the grill. We are going to round off the square slab with the dirt that we have leftover from leveling the pool, add the gravel and create a cozy firepit area.

Backyard makover project mood board with pool, pool loungers, white umbrella, pea gravel and modern firepit area
Backyard Project Moodboard

Shop the Items In the Moldboard:

Can't wait to finish the project and show you how it turns out!


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