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SS21' ORC Challenge - Week One

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

I'm excited to announce that I will be joining the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge as a guest participant. Last fall I did my first challenge where I transformed our basement into the office and it was an amazing experience. This Spring initially I was planning to transform the living room, however, with the COVID shipping and manufacturing delays it is impossible to get any furniture delivered till the challenge deadline. Instead, with the help of my husband, will work on transforming the backyard.

Backyard transformation has been on my mind for a long time. But previously, when I was working from the office every day and had no dog, I didn't spend much time at home, especially in the yard. However, since getting our little Benji, we have been spending a lot of time outdoors hence the need for my little "Oasis" arose.

So this project will have 3.5, yes 3, and 0.5 parts...

However, first, we will be focusing on building a deck in front of the house and hopefully finding some furnishing for it. Unfortunately, shipping delays are getting crazier and crazier and every single item I like has estimated delivery in September. Crazy right ?!

We will be building a ground-level deck with one step on it that will be 12ft long with 2ft long step and 35ft wide (same length as the house). The "usable area" of the deck will be divided into 2 parts, one side will be a lounge area and another side will be the dining area. Below is my mood board for the deck.

Backyard deck moodboard
ORC Week 1: Backyard Moodboard - Deck Area

Below is a really bad visualization of the deck. Unfortunately, I don't have AutoCAD software to sketch it.

Deck Sketch

While adding the deck we will also work on making the outside of the house look prettier. The plan is to add the trim on the windows and match it all. Pressure wash the siding and cover the AC (AC will be covered with large planters). I still have to come up with a detailed plan but we are not leaving the house looking like this. The white pergola will also be removed, and replaced with more modern looking one.

I'm so excited about this project and can't wait to share our transformation journey. Once we are done with the deck, we will start working on other 2.5 parts of the project. However, due to the shipping delays and building supply shortages, I'm committing only to finishing a deck for the Spring One Room Challenge.

Can't wait to share the updated throught next few weeks!



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Samantha Gotthardt
Samantha Gotthardt
May 09, 2021

Love your mood board! Looks like it will be such a relaxing space! :)

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