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SS21' - One Room Challenge - Week 3!

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Last week we finished building the deck and it turned out better than we thought it would, however, once we started using it on daily basis, we realized that sidestep was needed to be added. Last weekend James (my husband) was able to add the step and now I can say out loud that the deck is done and fully crossed out from the to-do list.

Building side stairs of the deck
Building side stairs of the deck

Now we can focus on decorating it. My favorite part, of course! I have been looking for outdoor furniture for a long time now, but every item that I like is back-ordered or has a delivery date in late August. Some even say "Estimated delivery in late October", I mean, no thank you...

So, once I realized that getting that "New Arrival" items from CB2 or Arhaus that come up all the time on my web browser, false advertising: "Summer is here, enjoy your summer evenings..." is not happening. I decided to take another way and start looking at outlets and Facebook marketplace. I have to admit, I was shocked by things I found in the outlets, why on earth I didn't think about that before ?! I mean they have everything, well everything besides the outdoor furniture...

However, I was still able to snag few pieces between the outlets, good old Wayfair, and Facebook marketplace. I got a beautiful lounge chair from West Elm Outlet, the concrete table and the pedestal from Crete and Barrel Outlet, chairs from Wayfair, and the grill from the marketplace (for free!).

Deck outdoor dinning space with concrete table, white director chair and stainless steel outdoor grill
Concrete table from Crete and Barrel Outlet, director chairs from Wayfair, and grill from the FB Marketplace.
Deck with the added side step.
Outdoor teak chair with white cushions and concrete pedestal.
Teak lounge chair from West Elm Outlet and concrete pedestal from CB2.
Deck as of now.

Next week, I will be working on finding more furniture and we will hopefully work on adding the pergola. We decided to add a black wooden pergola on top of the dining area and also build a little kitchen area next to the grill.


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