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SS21' One Room Challenge - Week 2!

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

It has been a week of long weekends and evenings of building but I have to announce that we are done with the biggest and the largest part of our backyard makeover challenge - THE DECK! The deck is fully built and functional.

We wanted something that would fit the basic architecture of our cookie cutter house but at the same time give it a little modern twist. In order to achieve a modern look, we created the structure with sharp edges and went with the decking that had one simple color throughout. In addition, we added long step that follows the deck to avoid extra cuts and preserve modern sleek design.

Our outdoor deck is done!

One of my personal favorite part of this deck design is the step lighting. We decide to go with the zig zag placement of the lighting. This type of step light placement adds both functionality and visual appeal. Function wise, it provides source of light for the entire perimeter, so that if someone is walking towards it, they can see where they are going. And visually, it elevates the space when everything around is dark.

Once we were done with the deck, we realized that we wanted to add step on the right side of the deck too. Next week we will be working on adding the step and the lights, while outdoor furniture hunting.

Hopefully, we will get some luck and find few pieces of furniture to enjoy my current favorite space.




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