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I'm a true believer that bedrooms have to be the most comfortable, cozy and peaceful place in the house. At the end of the day, we spend at least 3rd of our lives sleeping...

I'm known for not liking the color. In my designs, I usually always go for lighter, neutral tones. However, recently, I have been loving the contrast between dark paint, wallpaper, and lighter-colored furniture.

Details on the items used in the mood board:

  1. Bed - Upholstered and slip-covered beds create a feeling of comfort and luxury in the bedroom. I absolutely love this dusty blue color.

  2. Ottoman - It's always nice to have something to sit on, or put your throw pillows on before going to bed. This dark red velvet ottoman adds a pop of color and balances out the earthy tones of other furniture and decor items in the bedroom.

  3. Rug - Vintage or vintage print rugs can bring a lot of character to the room. This budget-friendly option never fails.

  4. Nightstands - simplicity sometimes is the key to a good design and these nightstands are a perfect example of it. (a cheaper alternative that you can paint and add hardware).

  5. Table lamp - These ceramic table lamps add texture and bring an earthy feel to the room.

  6. Ceiling Light - Quirky design of this glass ceiling light adds contemporary details to the room while making it more fun. The ceiling light used in this mood board is a little pricey, but I found some similar alternatives ( Alternative 1, Alternative 2).

  7. ART - I love the look of a small art piece on top of the bed frame. (Alternative 1, Alternative 2)

  8. Decorative Pillow / Pillow Insert - I love the look of well-styled decorative pillows, however, from the practicality standpoint not many people have extra 10 minutes every morning to style it, so my personal preference is always one large lumbar pillow. Just throw it on and you are good to go.

  9. Bedding sheets / Duvet Cover - Besides its textured and cozy look linen bedding is highly breathable and absorbs moisture. The bonus point is that it gets more and more comfortable with each wash.

  10. Curtains - These pinch-pleat linen curtains are literally the game changer. It gives you a custom look for the fraction of the price.

hope this gave you some inspiration!



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Welcome to my creative corner where my passion for home design and DIY projects meets inspiration and practical tips. Join me on this journey of turning houses into homes, one room at a time.


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