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Moodboard Wednesday - Entreway Console

Having a beautiful entryway is one of the must haves for any beautifully designed house. However, it's even more important to have design that is both beautiful and functional.

In the above moodboard each item serves a purpose:

  1. Rustic looking console table, creates homey and welcoming environment as well as anchors the wall and adds storage space to the room.

  2. Brass wall mirror brings some color to the room, enhances the room by its reflective power and also gives the ability to quickly check yourself before leaving the house.

  3. Small but wide art piece visually widens the slimmer mirror and adds splash of color to the room to further the cozy environment of the area.

  4. Ceramic catch all bowl fills the table as well as will all you to house essentials like keys, sunglasses and the wallet.

  5. Ceramic Lamp adds the dark pop of color to natural tones of the console table and other accessories; As well as provide some lighting to create welcoming environment in the evenings and light the way for people that come home after the sunset.

  6. Vertically striped linen ottoman elongates the space as well as provides sitting spot. It's perfect accessory for putting your shoes, right before leaving the house, or taking it off after a long day.




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