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Hallway Design Plans

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Hallway design plan/moodboard with new door design and secret arched door. The design features modern structure and brass hardware and ceiling lights. The accessories will include the flushmount  ceiling lights and vintage turkish oushak rug. The colors presented in the picture are benjamin moore Nantucket Gray and Simply white.

If someone ever asked me what area of our house gets the most traffic, I would straight up answer the hallway. Our tiny 14ft long hallway gives us access to 3 bedrooms, the main bathroom, and the stairs to the living room and in addition to that, we constantly stare at it from the living room while watching TV.

As we are finally done with the renovation part of the house, it's time to make this tiny/long space more homey and beautiful.

My goal is to make it elegant and effortless while having quirky things around. So here are my plans for this project:

  1. First, take down the old "farmhouse DIY wall" that I and my husband built a few years ago and replace it with a modern/traditional rectangle-shaped trim. Two longer ones on top and two small ones on the bottom on the left side and the same on the right.

  2. Change the trim around the door frame.

  3. Sand down the doors that have 60 years of paint on them, add trim and paint.

  4. Transform the closet door next to the bathroom into the secret arched closet door that will look like a cabinet from the outside but be a door. This is the most exciting part of this project that I can't for!

  5. Change our recessed lights into the normal ceiling flush-mounted lights. I recently found out that you can buy a kit to transform the recessed lights into normal ones. And since then I haven't stopped searching for "The Light". I found beautiful semi flush lights from the Thomas O'Brien line for the Visuall Comforts.

  6. All hardware will be brass. I decided to change handles into knobs and was able to find beautiful knobs by Emtek. They arrived a few days ago and we are really impressed with the quality.

  7. I Will be adding a vintage runner to make the hallway cozier to walk in. I have been seeing all different types of muted vintage Oushak rugs all over the stores and finally found the best space for it.

  8. For the colors, I tested few options and got down to 2 favorites, "Swiss Coffee" and "Simply White" both by Benjamin Moore. My husband couldn't see the difference between them, however, for me, SC had more beige undertone and SW had a more neutral undertone; It gets creamy with the warmer light and cooler with the gray light.

Can't wait to get it all finished and show you how it will turn out!




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