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Living Room Makeover - Week 1 Progress Update

One Room Challenge - Week 1

It's already has been a week since the start of the challenge and I can't believe how much has changed in this room! We cleaned out the room, sold our couch on the FB marketplace, swapped the window casing, and even built the fireplace structure.

// The Starting Point //

A little reminder of where we started for this challenge :

Living Room - Before

Before getting started on anything, we got rid of the dresser and the art and sold the couch on FB marketplace.

Living Room Without the Dresser and Art - Before

// Changing the Window Casing //

When we did the flooring and updated the doors, we changed all the baseboards and door interior frames in the house, however, we still have left few of the original window casings left to swap out. As a part of the makeover, we removed the old 60-year-old casing and added a new one. I will be writing a detailed DIY window casing post separately.

// All Emptied //

We finished the Window trim, the couch has been picked up and we are starting with the blank canvas. I took pictures from different angles so that you can see all sides of the space.

// The Fireplace //

Once it was all cleared out it was finally time to start my most anticipated part of the project, The fireplace! Instead of writing piece by piece in few different posts explaining how we built it, I will share the progress picture of the week and then write a separate post with step by step process.

For the week one we were able to finish all the framing and electrical work. I can't believe how cool it turned out!

DIY Fireplace - Framing is done!

Next week we will mostly be working on finishing up the fireplace. We need to add the brick, drywall, prime and plaster. Lots of work but exciting work!




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