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Sunday Recap

I've been spending quite some time during the last few weeks enhancing the website and making it a reference source for both our projects and my interior design inspiration. Unfortunately, I'm not a web developer by trade, so it is taking me forever to make things work. However, in the upcoming month, I plan to get it updated with our project details as well as my Interior Design service offerings.

The goal is to have a few posts every week. One of the posts that I will be sharing every Sunday is the "Sunday Recap" where I will talk about our life, projects, current favorites, sales, and much more.

Last Week:

// 1. UPCOMING PROJECTS - Above-Ground Pool

Last week during the prime day I made an impulse buy and bought a small rectangular above-ground pool. The pool is something that has been my dream for a long time, however, putting a real pool that costs above $50,000 in our starter house would never make sense. Since the moment of the purchase, I have been planning the design of the pool area. I'm super excited to share all the details in the "Pool Plans" post in Wednesday's blog post.

// 2. Kitchen Faucet

Last week we installed our kitchen faucet. The unlacquered brass kitchen faucet has been on top of my list since the beginning of our kitchen renovation project. I had one particular one that I couldn't get out of my mind, the Waterworks "Henry" faucet. The price point was very hard to swallow, so I kept searching for it on the FB marketplace and eBay for quite some time. One day, the exact one I wanted, came up on eBay in the open box condition for 30% off, so I participated in my first ever eBay auction and after nerve-wracking 24 hours, I was fortunate to win the auction and get my dream faucet. It arrived in perfect condition and took us a few minutes to put it up and I'll be very honest, I just can't get enough of its beauty.

Through my research, I was able to find multiple cheaper alternatives that would have worked with the space, below are some of my favorites:

Brass Kitchen Faucet's

// 3. Design Services

I'm super excited to announce that starting from August, I will be offering Interior Design Services. It has been something I have been planning to do since the beginning of the year. However, instead of jumping into the business without much research and knowledge, I chose to give myself time to develop systems and processes to make sure clients will get the best possible experience. And no, I'm not quitting my job, as of now, so I will only be able to take on limited number of projects.

// 4. Flowy Summer Dresses

East Coast has been having some serious heat waves during the last week, so it's been hard to wear my normal go to jeans and top combo. I found myself wearing way more dresses. My favorites are ones that are little longer and have either small neutral pattern, or no pattern at all. Below are some of my favorites:

Summer Dresses

Wish you all have a great upcoming week!




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