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Opinion: Fall'21 Studio McGee Collection at Target

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

First of all, as most of you heard new Studio McGee collection is out in Target. Generally, I have a very unpopular opinion about Target and think that their products are very low quality and overpriced. However, they definitely are on top of their design game. So, taking into account that I don't like their quality, I usually try to avoid shopping there. However, when Studio McGee first came with their collection, I went to the store to see how the pictures matched the quality and I have to admit I was pretty amazed.

Here is the breakdown of my opinion by the product category, alongside my favorites from the collection.

1 . // Decor Items:

All the decor items are super high quality and look and feel very expensive. Especially items made from stone and clay were of impeccable quality. I also was impressed by their pillows and throws, although they are mostly made out of polyester, and don't have father fill, they still look really good.

Here are some of my favorite decor items:

2.// Furniture:

I remember, when they came out with their first collection, I was very excited to see the furniture in person. And I have to admit the first armchair that was in their collection was both beautiful and of excellent quality. However, when I checked out other items, I realized the quality was very low and all items were scaled down to accommodate smaller spaces. The furniture line is still pretty decent for the price; however, don't expect a long life or a luxurious feel when you touch it.

Here are some of my favorite furniture items:

3.// Kitchenware:

I love their kitchen items. I haven't tried their utensils but the quality of their plates and serving dishes are very high. My favorite item in this collection was the marble salt holder, I can't get enough of it!

Here are some of my favorite Kitchen items:

I can't wait when some of the products will become available! Especially that marble salt holder, I'm totally obsessed with it and it's just $10. Can you believe it?!


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