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Interior Design Trends 2022

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Every year, designers work hard to direct trends based on the past year changes. In my opinion, a trend is a by-product of today's world and the direction that the design world wants to take us to. Predicting trends in the fashion world is much easier than in the interior design world. However, not impossible. Here are some of the Interior Design trends I'm predicting for 2022.

1 // Color of the Year: Green

Green kitchen with plastered walls, calcatta marble with deep viening, and brass elements. Designed by And Studio
Design by And Studio

As you might have already seen in the fall, both major color brands, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore announced 2022 colors of the year as being green. Both companies, chose light muted green tones as the colors of the year, however, both of them included darker more moody counterparts in their full 2022 selection. I have been seeing the green color trend starting as early as last year, especially in the kitchen designs. Light muted green color like SW Evergreen Fog brings the feeling of nature and calmness that everyone is trying to find in nowadays totally unpredictable world.

2 // Textured Walls

Interior Design by Amber Interiors

Textured walls are also coming back. Last year I have seen increasing numbers of designers use plaster or Portola Paint's Roman clay in their designs. Slight color variation and the soft cloudy texture of the plastered walls, bring extra coziness to the room.

3 // Traditional Style

Interior Design by Marie Flanigan

I think now it's is safe to say that we finally let go of the Modern Farmhouse style. All gray houses with black barn doors are put in the past. I would love to say forever, but most likely for a few years. Unfortunately, trends work in cycles. In the past year or so, I have been seeing the rise of traditional designs elements such as patterned wallpapers, brass hardware, herringbone-patterned flooring, and lots of Marble. I think the largest driver of the wallpaper's popularity is the development of high-quality removable glue and mass production of the peel and stick designer wallpapers. It has become an easy way for homeowners and most importantly renters to add more character to the rooms. I think the traditional style is nowhere to go, it has always been here and will always stay. However, we will see it in larger quantities in 2022.

Here Are Some of My Favorite Wallpapers:

4 // All the Curves

Interior Design by Jake Arnold

Arches and curved lines are having a comeback lately. Designers and architects started adding more and more curved feminine lines in their projects to bring a more soft and comfortable environment into contemporary designs. Last year was the boom of arches and curved furniture that I believe will continue into 2022.

Here Are Some of My Favorite Curved Furniture:

5 // Natural Elements

Jenni Kayne House for AD Magazine, shot by Stephen Kent Johnson

The rise of the popularity of the natural elements can be attributed to two different events. First, COVID created the need for the people to be close to nature, where they can feel relaxed and carefree, and second is the environmental problems that we are facing due to the manufacturing and chemical release in nature. In the upcoming years, we will see an increase in indoor spaces with outdoor elements and vise versa. There will also be a large increase in the consumption of natural materials such as organic

cotton, linen fabrics, wood furniture, natural stones, hand-made tiles, and even sheepskin.

6 // Mix of New and Vintage Element

Mix of new and vintage design. Staircase design by Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. Neutral Colors.
Design by Amber Interiors

Previously mix of new and vintage was more reserved for the high-end designers, who intentionally added unique touches to their designs using the vintage items. However, with the supply shortages, Millennials inheriting boomers items, and the rise of websites such as 1Stdibs, Mercari, and even Facebook Marketplace, vintage items started to become part of the normal design process. I think once the supply chain issues will get solved this trend will diminish a little bit but it's one to stay for sure.

Here are all of my predictions for the next year. Let's see what changes 2022 will bring for the designer and the interior design industry,


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