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2021 Gift Guide: For Him

Holidays are right around the corner. Sharing some of my favorite gifts for guys. Most of the items I've given in the past and some are the new ones that may or may not be in the elf's basket.

  1. Thera Gun - So that next time he will ask to rub his neck, he can do it himself.

  2. Patagonia sweater - I have been obsessed with Patagonia sweaters for years and have multiple different colors and types. I got this particular one for all men in my family last year and everyone loves it and uses it on a daily basis. Tip: buy it on black Friday, they usually have the best pricing.

  3. RAK Contour Gauge Shape Duplicator - If you want a gift for a guy who loves to work on a house, this will be the perfect one. It allows you to copy irregular shapes to make the perfect cuts.

  4. Santal 33 by Le Labo - This perfume smells amazing!

  5. Ooni pizza oven - Who doesn't want a cute pizza oven next to the outdoor grill ?! I

  6. A water bottle that doubles as a foam roller. Perfect for guys who like to work out and are constantly sore.

  7. Telescope - This is something I never thought about owning till this year. Since we built a deck we have been spending much more time in our backyard. In the evenings when the sky is clear, it will be a nice and non-expensive addition to the deck. Bonus points if they like physics and astrology like my husband.

  8. Hot sauce-making kit - perfect for the chefs!

  9. Ugg slippers - They are the comfiest thing ever, I got them for my husband a few years ago but our little doggy chewed them up and he has been asking for them since then. They are perfect for quick grocery runs or weekend errands.

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